SSS class quality Algae (A.F.A) contains five essential nutrients (All 20 types of amino acids), (Carbohydrates), (Fats), (Essential unsaturated fatty acids: omega 3 and 6), (A wide variety of vitamins), (Diverse minerals), sixth essential nutrient (Dietary fiber), seventh essential nutrient (Nucleic acid), and eighth essential nutrient (Chlorophyll) in the form of balanced and harmonious natural ingredients.

Blue Green Algae is a treasure house of 105 types of pure natural nutrients. Above all, the top quality SSS class known as rare algae is exclusively singled out and encapsulated as it is. Please relish its very fresh and supernatural color only found in the highest class algae.

The expected effects of SSS class Algae 100% (A.F.A)

  • Building of the total power in the blood (105 types of nutrient-rich food)
  • Building of healthy brain condition (Comprehensive brain food)
  • Building of rejuvenating physical condition such as blood vessels, muscles, and bones (105 types of nutrient-rich food)
  • Boosted DNA self-repairing capacity
  • Increased immune strength throughout the body
  • Enhanced capability to discharge internal toxins
  • Improved skin texture and clarity
  • Health promotion and diet in the meantime
Nutritional composition in 2.34g

Calories 9.32kcal
Protein 1.485g
Fat 0.164g
Carbohydrates 0.445g
Sodium 12.4mg
DNA & RNA 73.6mg

Certificate of free sale by Oregon Department of Agriculture, FDA (Food and Drug administration) certificate, Kosher & Parve Certificate by Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech